IFACT is taking a multi-pronged approach to fighting piracy: through awareness, consultation, education and enforcement.

Enabling people to understand what piracy is and how it hurts the community is IFACT's major education strategy. Being able to make an informed decision about the right choice is one of strongest weapons against piracy.

IFACT is developing strategies to help educate and inform parents, students, teachers, retailers, workers and employers - consumers of all ages and from all walks of life - about the importance and value of intellectual property rights, the reasons why piracy is wrong, and the consequences of breaking the law.

This includes developing teaching support materials. The rationale behind this program is to eliminate the use and distribution of pirated films in schools and school communities and to introduce and integrate the teaching and understanding of the concept of copyright.

IFACT also provides information packs to law enforcement agencies about copyright and film piracy-related crimes, as well as information brochures for retailers and cinema owners across Hong Kong.

Schools and Universities

Schools and universities today harbor some of the swiftest computer networks in Hong Kong, a situation which may lead to the illegal download and distributing of films and TV programs.

Many students will graduate to join Hong Kong's fast-growing creative industries and IFACT is developing strategies to work with Hong Kong's educational institutions to help address the impact of piracy and to encourage respect for intellectual property and compliance with Hong Kong's copyright laws.

P2P File Sharing

If you use peer-to-peer file-sharing services, you risk breaking the law, downloading a serious computer virus, sharing your personal data, which can lead to identity theft, and getting exposed to pornographic materials. To learn more, click here to download information about illegal file sharing.